Breathe to Be Present


Our breath is the key to sustaining our life. As Sadhguru says, you can go without food for around 3 weeks, without water for around 3-9 days, but you cannot go without the breathe for more than 3 minutes. The breath is what keeps us tied to our physical body.


The first & most important tool I learned to incorporate into my yoga practice was mindful breathing.


Why should you focus on your breath during yoga?

Your mind and emotions need one thing to focus to stay in a state of flow. If your mind is focused on one thing, your body on another, and the emotions on yet another, then you will be in a state of struggling and discord. If you do not focus on your breath during yoga practice, your mind will literally be all over the place. Allow your mind only one thing to focus on, the breath. Move your body as you would but always keep your mind focused on the breath. The breath is not just the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide but also our biggest tool in calming the mind and controlling our emotions. Whenever I was upset as a kid, I was told to go take a walk and count to ten. Counting out loud is essentially a breathing exercise to help us calm our minds and come back to a stable emotional state.


Your breath will be with you til the day you die, so learning how to cultivate this connection is vital. If you can control your breath you can control how you feel, think, and move.



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