Cros pose was the first arm balance that I ever successfully executed. Crow pose challenges your strength, focus, and balance. It may seem like you’re gonna fall on your face at first, but its really about slowly shifting your weight into your arms.




  • strengthens core
  • improves balance
  • builds wrist strength & flexibilty
  • opens the groin
  • strengthens abdominal wall to aid in low back pain
  • builds focus & confidence


  • avoid crow pose if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist injuries
  • avoid crow pose if you’re pregnant
  • Weight is on outside of the hands and fingers curl up causing more wrist pain-press into the ball mount of your index fingers and thumbs
  • combo¬†of too much sweat and not enough friction-towel off & attempt again


  • spread fingers as wide as possible like you’re gripping a basketball with one hand
  • place hands on floor shoulder width distance apart
  • draw elbows in towards centerline of your body-like in chaturanga
  • place knees as high on arms as possible-aim for armpits or triceps
  • draw knees in towards each other-activating your inner thigh muscles
  • engage your core and round through your spine like in cat pose
  • gaze out about a foot and a half and then focus on one point on the ground
  • slowly play with lifting one foot then the there-maybe you lift both feet of the ground and fly!

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below!

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