Thrive to Feel Alive


We all face difficulties and challenges in our daily lives, but it is how we take on these obstacles that truly defines our character. We must make conscious choices to become the best version of ourselves. Try out some of the following tips to not just survive in life, but THRIVE!


  1. Practice gratitude. Make it a daily habit to think of three things you are grateful for. Write the things down in a journal, or use your iPhone to make a note of it. When you are feeling down and out, refer back to this for a quick pick me up. Include as much detail as possible-the smell of the pink roses in the park down the block from your place, seeing a baby giggle in the arms of his mother on the train, or whatever makes your heart skip a beat. Coming back to these moments of joy can do wonders for your overall daily mood.
  2. Be the hero/heroine. When you are telling your story, don’t play the victim, play the hero/heroine. You have the choice to tell your story how you want. Make your story GREAT!
  3. Breathe. In times of suffering, remember to come back to your breath. The breath is the most powerful tool that we have to connect to our bodies and the present moment. All pain and suffering is only temporary and if we can remember this during the hard times, it makes it not so hard. Allow yourself the room to just breathe.
  4. Be authentic. Speak your truth, no matter what situation you’re in. If you’re able to be authentic with others, you will see that others are more authentic with you. This allows for you to receive valuable feedback and advice in times of need. The most important thing we all strive for is authentic human connection. Allow yourself to be vulnerable so that you can truly connect with others. The reason we practice yoga, is to bring our bodies and mind in alignment with the divine.  When we are truly aligned with the cosmos we can connect fully with others.
  5. Choose your friends wisely. I cannot stress this enough, but the people you surround yourself with literally shape how you walk, talk, and feel. Surround yourself with people who add value to your life and others. Don’t feel bad for staying away from people who drain your energy or are in a constant state of hate. People who are in service to others are likely to inspire you and push you to THRIVE, not just survive.
  6. Play. Allow yourself the time to laugh spontaneously, run around like a wild child, and act like a fool. Life isn’t all work and no play. You must have a balance between the two. When your life has a purpose, there is meaning in everything you do. Make the time to play, and take the time to work.
  7. Look for beauty in everything. Sometimes we can get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle. We have to be up by 7am to go to work, then lunch at 12, then home by 6, etc. Life is full of beauty, you just need to look around. As you transition from one activity to the other, take a moment to gaze at your new surrounding: the smells, the colors, the people, etc. Take a few deep breaths and become present in the moment. Recognize the underlying beauty in all life and appreciate this for what it is.
  8. Take care of your body. Your body is the best tool that you have in this life. You only get one body, so take care of the one you have. Your body needs love, organic food, and exercise on a regular basis to be in a state of harmony with the cosmos. Treat your body with love and you will see that you can truly thrive and not just survive.
  9. Do something you love. Take the time to pick up a hobby that you truly enjoy. Maybe its ice skating, playing the guitar, or painting. Why not try something completely new? You never know what you like if you don’t try it out. Don’t be afraid to fail when you try something new. Life is about overcoming these failure with a smile on your face. Doing something you enjoy adds so much value to your overall happiness.
  10. Be a student of Life. To be a student of life you must always be wiling to learn new things. Vitally is the feeling of being energized while working and learning allows you to continually grow through newfound skills and knowledge. When you have a combination of vitality and the willingness to learn you will see that you naturally thrive.


If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.


Namaste Friends 

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